Our Response to Covid-19

Here at NX LEVEL, we are dedicated to the health of our employees. I am hopeful that our staff and their loved ones are safe. We are more than grateful for the hardworking state, federal as well as local employees. This includes our beloved healthcare workers and others who are on the front lines working effortlessly with great diligence to ensure the well-being of citizens all across the world. We included, have taken the necessary precautions and measures to ensure the safety of our staff.

During these unprecedented times, I would like to personally assure our clients, customers, employees and community that our business has and will continue without interruptions.

Our team has had the great ability to work remotely for the last 6 years as we have offices in New Jersey and California. We have been accustomed to working remote for many years while our headquarters remain intact.

The hurtful reality is, a lot of small businesses will be greatly affected in the upcoming months. One of the unique business operations model about NX LEVEL is that we will be here when businesses need to reopen. When they are in need of strategic changes, growth plan ideas, as well as marketing to get back out there….When they will need our support more than ever.

In the interim, we look forward to working with our clients, customers, employees and community as we stay safe and healthy.

NX LEVEL will be here to help our businesses and community prosper.

Warm Regards,

Damien L. Grant